October 20, 2013

Power of powder

Hi sunshines,

This sunday afternoon was born for wearing my pink powder sweater. I love it because of many many reasons:
1. it's veery soft and chunky, it feels like touching your favourite teddy bear from childhood
2. I am never cold as it's so warming
3. I love the powder colours especially pinky and light brown 

So no doubt I choose the combination with beige pants (ups they look like white in pics :) and my favourite gray high heels!

And this time, one important note: 
As it was pretty nice weather, streets in Bratislava were full of happy smiling people and it was kinda impossible to take picture without other pedestrians. So, in case you have overlooked, see third photo with a girl who was so curious about what is going on.. Imagine how serious I was trying to look and suddenly a face of this cute girl appeared.. Mr.R started to laugh and I could not do anyting but join him in this funny situation.. So the girl definitely is part of this pinky powder post.. Maybe she is next generation fashionista, who knows ;)) What do you think?

Sweater Orsay, pants Stradivarius, heels Zara, clutch Mango, earrings Koton

photos Mr.R


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