September 21, 2013

Top fragrance commercials part I.

Hey sunshines,
I have always admired fragrance commercials - their storytelling, music and filming surroundings.. So that is why I decided to make this post of my top 3 favourites in category cute/crazy/sweet call it however you wish ;) Do you have your favourite perfume commercial? Paste a link, so I can extend my list!
Caution: First video is pretty hot ;)))) Definetely hotter than coffee to go from Starbucks!

Dolce&Gabbana's Light Blue is no.1 because of many many reasons.. First of all, it's queen of the summer fragrances.. Mediterraean summer wind blows to your face again and again (doesn't matter we have grey sky for almost 2 weeks in Bratislava).. It's evergreen that will last for decades..Not speaking about british David Gandy (I 'm pretty sure his model career will last for decades as well ;)) We just love to watch this commercial!!

Ladies and gentlemen, no.2 definitely goes to Dior Addict starring Daphne Groeneveld (a la Brigitte Bardot), 19 yrs old cutie from Netherlands. Whole film is very sweet and provocative, directed in Saint Tropez... I wish I was 19 again! And the song fits in the story pretty much: Stereo total - I love you, ono.. Diamond ring, cha cha ;)

Welcome to my favourite girly-girly commercial for Miss Dior Cherie this time represented by belarusan model Maryna Linchuk. Video is VERY french and cheerful exactly the same as perfume itself, you have to love it! Maryna is falling in love wearing her pinky glasses.. Flying to the 7th heaven with her baloons, eating colourful cupcakes..Life can be soo beautiful!! :)) Love? Happens!

So, what do you think? Which is the best for you? Or any other suggestion?

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