September 17, 2013

Let's get punky-funky!

Hi chicks, 
today we will speak about one of my recent favourite trend - punk - YES, but in its light version.. Fashion bibles are full of this kind of inspiration for autumn, but in a dark and heavy way.. I really fell in love with all of it, but I feel like more femine and elegant mood. What do you think?  So this time I decided for really girly-pinky contrast. What punky style suits you the most? Let's get punk together!

P.S. Oh, and the blazer was such an amazing deal in New Yorker for 10€ !! C'mon, it's just like 2x lunch menu, you have to buy it!
P.S.2: You can also use these punky-funky heels as self-defence accessory when returning home from club! They are really really sharp, so your boyfriend doesn't have to worry about you.. It's an investment after all ;)

 Blazer New Yorker, Tshirt Debenhams, Pants&heels Zara, Bag Mango, Necklace Promod.

Photos Mr.R

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