October 20, 2013

Power of powder

Hi sunshines,

This sunday afternoon was born for wearing my pink powder sweater. I love it because of many many reasons:
1. it's veery soft and chunky, it feels like touching your favourite teddy bear from childhood
2. I am never cold as it's so warming
3. I love the powder colours especially pinky and light brown 

So no doubt I choose the combination with beige pants (ups they look like white in pics :) and my favourite gray high heels!

And this time, one important note: 
As it was pretty nice weather, streets in Bratislava were full of happy smiling people and it was kinda impossible to take picture without other pedestrians. So, in case you have overlooked, see third photo with a girl who was so curious about what is going on.. Imagine how serious I was trying to look and suddenly a face of this cute girl appeared.. Mr.R started to laugh and I could not do anyting but join him in this funny situation.. So the girl definitely is part of this pinky powder post.. Maybe she is next generation fashionista, who knows ;)) What do you think?

Sweater Orsay, pants Stradivarius, heels Zara, clutch Mango, earrings Koton

photos Mr.R

October 14, 2013

Shady Monday: Love, laugh, relax, dream

Even it is monday morning, there is always some reason to stay positive and happy..And so, in order to enjoy all nice little things that world offers, keep these in mind every day:

LOVE every single moment spent with your love, friends and family. Be happy for all experience you get, no matter if it's good or bad, there is always a lesson you have to learn. Turn of the TV and enjoy a cooked dinner for your love at home, instead of eating out. Be thankful for what you have.

LAUGH with people you like is a best way to beating stress. Always be yourself, no matter what others think. Just be original and have fun with anything what makes you crazy! This exactly feels right! Invite your friends for movie night, play games, browse photos. Get together in real time on real place. Do not send them Bloody Mary pictures via Facebook chat!!

RELAX and always find a space for your own time. This is so important. Be active. Do what you like and what makes you happy. Don't say there is no time,you just have to find it. Prioritize and select important activities in your schedule, ignore the rest of timewasters and suddenly, there really is a lot of time for anything.

DREAM big. Because dreams might come true if you put activation energy in what you believe. Of course it comes hand in hand with hard work, patience and passion for your dream. Ignore negative people, because they will be part of your dream path for sure! Just let them be where they wanna be, now it's about you!

Remember, it's your responsibility to keep yourself happy and healthy. You have the power to create whatever kind of life and lifestyle you want. You are your own desinger, so come and get it! ;)

Have a lovely Monday chicks!

October 11, 2013

Donna Rosi is slovak!

Yes, behind all these beautiful collections stands slovak designer Milka Harmathová with her elegant brand Donna Rosi which was launched 24 years ago! It represents one of top clothing brands locally in Slovakia. Today I decided to introduce her exclusive work and family boutique as I am sure it is worth it.. Let the photos speak :) Here is also a short video where you can get overview about the company. 

Have a lovely wknd!

Slovak Fashion Days, Beijing 2012

 Backstage Shanghai Expo2010

October 9, 2013

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hey Ladies, 

No, I am not talking about Snow White, but I have to admit that today's post really is dreamy. 
At least for me. We all want to be a princess in our own way and so we care about our look. Our beauty junkie collection is growing, not to mention jewelry, perfumes, body products etc. Boys will never understand that we do need all those stuff to be their representative part and/or good looking. I also think, women should get at least double salary for this reason, but that's another story ;) Do you agree? So:

Once upon a time, one sunny afternoon my dear boyfriend Mr.R himself, suggested that I should find some dressing table..(isn't he awesome??). However I think it was more less because of  messy Himalaja make up hill grown in the bathroom or any other room in the apartment :) So I could not do anything else but agree and browse for some vanity inspirations. Which one is winner for you? Do you have your own make up table? Send me your pictures! I can't wait to get my beauty world organized in one place ;)

 pics google

October 3, 2013

Moschino fall 2013

London. Schoolgirl uniform.Traditional British gentleman. And remember, always a little bit of fresh craziness, so typical for all decades of Moschino's history. This was the main inspiration for its creative director  Rosselle Jardini, born in Bergamo. The result can not be anything else but tram-ta-ra-ra.. Tartan! Here we go again.. 

During primary school, I remember wearing my favourite tartan skirt and white blouse when I was trying to understand the logic of maths. Now I know it was pointless, as I have realized, that me and algorytms can not be friends even in my adult age ;) Anyway.. In Fall 2013 runway show Rosselle also decided to come back to school in pretty traditional and classy uniforms by combining mini skirts and blazers or slim-cut suits with golden Moschino's badges and university logos.. Earrings were the same-heavy, gold and bold. What about your relationship to school uniform? Did you use to wear one? Does it kill you playing wth fashion or is it a good way in expressing eqality?

Main inspiration for this collection was pretty British, however true muse was real american icon Ann Bonfoey Taylor. This extraordinary woman became a flight instructor and popular fan of fox hunting.. At the same time she was able to establish her own skiwear collection as she was missing feminity in skiing outfits. And in this matter comes her speciality - she invented fanny pack - which was also useful accessory. Besides all of these, she loved to spent her time hiking and riding a horse.
So now we can only say she definitely was huge inspiration for Moschino fall 2013 collection..Just have a look at the wonderful riding cap and hiking ankle boots! Not to mention fanny packs in all shapes and colours,including fringy handbags. But still, whole collection is screaming let's-get-back-to-school-and-pick-up-your-uniform! Have a bit of my most favourite looks! Which is your winner? Let me know ;)

picutres vogue.com

September 22, 2013

Orange&floral fiesta, baby!

 My favourite pieces all together..Floral top is very femine, orange pants are pretty fresh in contrast with blackie-black platforms (which are really comfortable, I mean REALLY comfortable, not kidding ;)! I prefer bright and shiny colours such as this orange, to bring some light into these gray cloudy days. I can only sing killing me softly with this song weather, killing me softly :)

top Bershka, pants+bag Mango, platforms Stradivarius, watches DKNY
photos by Mr.R

September 21, 2013

Top fragrance commercials part I.

Hey sunshines,
I have always admired fragrance commercials - their storytelling, music and filming surroundings.. So that is why I decided to make this post of my top 3 favourites in category cute/crazy/sweet call it however you wish ;) Do you have your favourite perfume commercial? Paste a link, so I can extend my list!
Caution: First video is pretty hot ;)))) Definetely hotter than coffee to go from Starbucks!

Dolce&Gabbana's Light Blue is no.1 because of many many reasons.. First of all, it's queen of the summer fragrances.. Mediterraean summer wind blows to your face again and again (doesn't matter we have grey sky for almost 2 weeks in Bratislava).. It's evergreen that will last for decades..Not speaking about british David Gandy (I 'm pretty sure his model career will last for decades as well ;)) We just love to watch this commercial!!

Ladies and gentlemen, no.2 definitely goes to Dior Addict starring Daphne Groeneveld (a la Brigitte Bardot), 19 yrs old cutie from Netherlands. Whole film is very sweet and provocative, directed in Saint Tropez... I wish I was 19 again! And the song fits in the story pretty much: Stereo total - I love you, ono.. Diamond ring, cha cha ;)

Welcome to my favourite girly-girly commercial for Miss Dior Cherie this time represented by belarusan model Maryna Linchuk. Video is VERY french and cheerful exactly the same as perfume itself, you have to love it! Maryna is falling in love wearing her pinky glasses.. Flying to the 7th heaven with her baloons, eating colourful cupcakes..Life can be soo beautiful!! :)) Love? Happens!

So, what do you think? Which is the best for you? Or any other suggestion?

September 17, 2013

Let's get punky-funky!

Hi chicks, 
today we will speak about one of my recent favourite trend - punk - YES, but in its light version.. Fashion bibles are full of this kind of inspiration for autumn, but in a dark and heavy way.. I really fell in love with all of it, but I feel like more femine and elegant mood. What do you think?  So this time I decided for really girly-pinky contrast. What punky style suits you the most? Let's get punk together!

P.S. Oh, and the blazer was such an amazing deal in New Yorker for 10€ !! C'mon, it's just like 2x lunch menu, you have to buy it!
P.S.2: You can also use these punky-funky heels as self-defence accessory when returning home from club! They are really really sharp, so your boyfriend doesn't have to worry about you.. It's an investment after all ;)

 Blazer New Yorker, Tshirt Debenhams, Pants&heels Zara, Bag Mango, Necklace Promod.

Photos Mr.R

September 6, 2013

Mixed media girls

Thank God for that rainy day I was browsing Tumblr (actually I was supposed to clean apartment, but you know how it goes) when Nikki Farquharson catch my eye! She is talented british graphic illustrator and her work speaks for itself. Nikki's creativity has no limits, all her illustrations are full of energy which takes your imagination still deeper and deeper. Photos are very femine and sophisticated, but on the other hand, sharp abstracts might seem cold, absurd and fearful. After all, title itself says it's a mix and it depends on reader's mood, I guess.. Let's take a quick tour!

September 1, 2013

Fuchsia moments in Andalucia

I was pretty sure, where this year's summer vacation will take place. No doubt it was Spain, as I am with this country, language, people and their temperament - to put it mildly - obsessed .. Favorite fuchsia-pink flying skirt accompanied me in Andalusia often.  These photos are from the charming town Ronda, where was built  the oldest bullring in Spain at all (see third photo) ..

Naša tohtoročná dovolenka sa nemohla konať inde ako v Španielsku, keďže som touto krajinou, jazykom, ľuďmi a ich temperamentom - mierne povedané - posadnutá.. Obľúbená fuksiovoružová plápolajúca sukienka ma sprevádzala v Andalúzii často. Konkrétne tieto fotky sú z pôvabného mestečka Ronda, kde bola postavená prvá býčia aréna v Španielsku vôbec (viď. tretia foto)..

 Skirt Ann Christine, top New Look, shoes Baťa/Hilfiger, bracelete Stradivarius

Pics by Mr.R

Style icon Olivia

One of the most today's fashionistas for me is definitely miss Olivia Palermo. Her stylish creations got me from the beginning when I noticed her ​​on the MTV reality show The City. Combinations, variations and permutations of her outfits are perfect, always underlined with bold accessories and originality. Check fashion taste of this lady ..

Jednou z najvýraznejších fashionistiek súčasnosti je pre mňa miss Olivia Palermo. Jej štýlové kreácie ma dostali od začiatku ako som ju postrehla na MTV v reality show The City. Kombinácie, variácie a permutácie jej outfitov sú dokonalé, vždy podtrhnuté výraznými doplnkami a originalitou. Posúďte sami módne cítenie tejto devy..

Olivia brings new dimensions to basic blazer by magic belt trick
Olivia dodáva blejzru ako základu šatníka nové dimenzie ležérnym opaskovým trikom

When her feet struggle to wear high-heels, Olivia has always plan B. The thing is to stay chic and trendy no matter what happens.
Keď si high-heely pýtajú svoju daň, Olivia má vždy plán B. Podmienkou je zostať chic a trendy za každých okolností. 

Romantic Olivia breaks all fashion rules and combines un-combinable
Romantická Olivia porušuje všetky módne zákonitosti a kombinuje nekombinovateľné.

On behalf of elegance, pray for Olivia to stay for us so inspiring and creative  :))
V mene elegancie modlíme sa za Oliviu, aby aj naďalej zostávala pre nás tak inšpiratívnou and nápaditou

Pics google

July 24, 2013

Solím, solíš, solíme s TONI&GUY

I DO salt. Yes a lot. Unhealthy, I know. And not just a food. Today I want to share with you my new beauty arrival. Since we have almost 40 degrees outside and a few weeks are still remaining until my vacation, I indulged "sea water" at least in my hair. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it, my first sea salt spray champion TONI & GUY. It has a nice smell, little glue, but absolutely meets my beach look satisfaction criteria
:) What about you? Do you salt, do you style or both in the same time? :))

Solím. Áno a veľa. Nezdravé, viem. A nielen jedlo. Dnes sa chcem s vami podeliť o moju novú radosť. Nakoľko máme vonku skoro 40 stupňov a do dovolenky zostáva ešte nejaký ten týždeň, dopriala som "morskú vodu" aspoň mojim vlasom. Ladies and gentlemen, to je on, mojich vlasov prvý sea salt šampión TONI&GUY. Sprejček má príjemnú vôňu, trošku lepí, ale maximálne plní moju spokojnosť výsledného plážového looku :)A čo vy? Stajlujete, solíte, či obidvoje naraz? :))

July 12, 2013

just that simple

White shirt..Simple..just that.. combinable with anything and to any occasion. It depends only on your mood and accessories. If is true, that beauty is in simplicity, the most about it knows white blouse. So just this.

Biela blúzka..Jednoduché..iba tak..kombinovateľné s hocičím a pri akejkoľvek príležitosti. Záleží iba na vašej nálade a doplnkoch. Ak niekde platí, že v jednoduchosti je krása, tak určite vie o tom svoje práve biela blúzka. Takže iba toľko.

shirt+pants Pull and Bear, sandals? Croatia, bag Miss Sixty, watches DKNY
photos Mr.R